• Pine's Eye ViewThis job consisted of removing Pine trees for the expansion of their recreation area. The Pines were next to a fence separating the sand volleyball court but as you see we had plenty room to pull them over with a GRCS into the wooded area. I placed my go pro near the top of a White Pine prior to dropping to get a perspective from the canopy. Enjoy!Large Pin Oak removal in Affton, Missouri.Removal of a tall, slender, leaning sycamore tree using a GRCS. Climbing the tree snow covered with the severe lean at the edge of a ravine and a temp of 15 degrees F was not a safe option. ALl rigging was set from the ground.This is a short video of two tree removals one of our crews completed in the quaint village of Elsah, IL in June 2015.This is a short video of E.J. and crew rigging the top of a very large White Oak in Elsah, IL. All debris was rigged to the parking lot for proper disposal and to prevent damage to the forest underneath. All large diameter wood was sent to a local sawmill. Rigging included a portawrap lowering device and four block/pulleys distibuted throughout the spar, including a back up steel carabiner on the top pulley.This video shows E.J. and his crew removing a large Hackberry tree in a confined area. The tree out grew the site and needed to be removed. To avoid property damage all tree parts were lowered using a rigging system of ropes, pulleys and lowering devices by competent groundsmen. This is a standard procedure even when no other obstacles but the lawn are present to avoid divits and dents in the landscape.This is close look and time lapse of a Black Cherry Tree removal in Crystal City. Extra care was give to avoid any damage to the lawn. The tree was removed due extensive decay and structural defects. All the good timber wood was gathered by the homeowner's father and taken to his saw mill. Any hollow wood or smaller sections we split for fire wood.The branching chippings and stump mulch are taken to a facility to be processed into mulch.Removal of a dead Pin Oak for the city of Chesterfield, MO. Time lapse showing our crew safely removing the tree from start to finish utilizing our bucket and crane truck.This is a video of our top climbing arborist E.J. Turner dismantling a dead Loblolly Pine Tree at The Living Well Village. It stood in the middle of their ropes obstacle coarse and was a hazard to the campers.Removal of a declining Red Oak. A driveway addition added several feet of soil against the trunk suffocating the root system. This is a time lapse of our bucket crew safely removing the tree.This is a time lapse recording of one of our crews removing two sweetgum trees and crown cleaning/vista pruning of a pin oak. With obstacles including powerlines, structures, fence and landscape; our crews demonstrate our strong safety culture rigging tree parts with ropes and having clear communication at all times. We pride ourselves with an exceptional clean up. All work completed in accordance with national standards.Learn more
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Tree Removal

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Just as a healthy tree adds value to your home, an unhealthy or unwanted tree detracts from it.  You can be assured that Timberline is capable of removing unwanted trees with little impact on the surrounding area, and our cleanup will leave your yard in better condition than it was found.  Although we have not made a damage claim since our beginning, we are fully insured for your protection.

Tree Maintenance

tree removal st. louis

Trees are a wonderful part of nature, however, people try to put them in some of the most unnatural environments.  Poor urban soils, pollution, drought, insects and disease are some of the problems that plague our urban forest.  With proper diagnosis and treatment plans, Timberline's arborists can ensure that your trees are healthy for the next generation to enjoy.



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