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Timberline Professional Tree Care was founded in 2001, while owner Ben Barnett was completing plant science studies at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Working summers, weekends, and evenings to pay tuition, customers realized that they had finally found the knowledgeable, honest, and friendly person they had been looking for to provide safe, quality tree care and removal services. A loyal customer base was quickly built.

After graduation, Ben was offered full time employment as a Vegetation Management Supervisor for the largest electric utility in the state of Missouri. Facing a crossroad, he decided to take the offer, and continue to build a reputation among customers in a limited capacity, moonlighting amongst the treetops.

Breaking only to finish graduate studies and enjoy the company of his wife and two children, Ben continued working with tree owners, helping each to find the true value of a professional tree service. To further his professional credibility, Ben then studied for and attained the status of International Society of Arboriculture’s Board Certified Master Arborist. A classification reserved for seasoned professionals at the pinnacle of their careers, Ben is one of only seven BCMA’s currently in the State of Missouri, and one of only two for hire in the St. Louis area.

Today, with the addition of a co-owner and long-time friend, John Svoboda, as well as a crew of other talented tree workers, Timberline has taken on a new face. While still providing the highest quality tree care and customer service, Timberline is revolutionizing the industry with a new website and the advent of the Tree Removal Cost Calculator. Now, customers can obtain a guaranteed quote on tree removal services instantly, from the comfort of their home or office. Try it now or contact us here to see for yourself why Timberline Professional Tree Care should be your choice for full service tree care in St. Louis and surrounding areas.