Cost Calculator

Have a tree that needs to be taken down? Our cost calculator will allow you to generate a price quote that we will stand behind. To start, enter your zipcode below and click continue.

Step One: Draw a line on your tree 5-feet from the ground. Step back from your tree and hold out a tape measure. Align the tape measure so that 1-inch is equal to your 5-foot mark.

We currently don't work in your service territory but feel free to use this to estimate

Step Two: Keeping the tape measure equal distance, raise the tape measure to the height of the tree. Count how many inches tall the tree is. Multiply this number by 5. This is how tall your tree is in feet.


Step Three: Using the same technique used in Step Two, now measure the width of your tree. Count how many inches wide your tree is, multiply this number by 5, and you now know the width of your tree in feet.


Step Four: Now measure the diameter of your tree's trunk with your tape measure. To obtain the most accurate measurement, measure the trunk 4.5-feet up from the base.


Step Five: Measure the distance from your tree to any drivable surfaces. You may wish to use the technique from Steps Two and Three, if the your driveable surfaces are further away from your tree than your measuring tape is long.


Step Six: Measure the distance from your tree to any utility poles or power lines. This information is necessary to keep you and our workers safe from harm.


Step Seven: Measure what percent of your tree overhangs your home or any other structure.

    We've sent your estimate via email but if you don't receive it, please give us a call at 636-479-7475