Tree Maintenance


Trees are a wonderful part of nature, however, people try to put them in some of the most unnatural environments.  Poor urban soils, pollution, drought, insects and disease are some of the problems that plague our urban forest.  With proper diagnosis and treatment plans, Timberline's arborists can ensure that your trees are healthy for the next generation to enjoy.

Tree Removal


Just as a healthy tree adds value to your home, an unhealthy or unwanted tree detracts from it.  You can be assured that Timberline is capable of removing unwanted trees with little impact on the surrounding area, and our cleanup will leave your yard in better condition than it was found.  Although we have not made a damage claim since our beginning, we are fully insured for your protection.

Tree Quote Calculator

Enter your zip code to start getting a quote on the removal or maintenance of your tree. Follow our simple 7-step process to get a very accurate quote right here on our site!